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season 4
Body and Soul

Jenny Turner and Scott Young are in love, but when Jenny visits her boyfriend's childhood home for the first time, she is overcome by a strong sense of foreboding. When Scott's mother Laura suggests they have some of her homemade dills with dinner, Jenny startles them all when she intuitively goes directly to the cupboard and pulls out the jar.

Bewildered by this incident, Jenny glances at Laura, then suddenly begins to experience flashes of images - a bandage on a young woman's forehead; a flailing hand as the woman falls; then a plate crashes; male hands hit the floor; finally she hears the sounds of a harsh rasping breath. Startled by Jenny's behavior, Laura moves protectively towards her son. Terrified, Jenny backs away from Scott and Laura, then turns and runs.

The young couple turns to the OSIR for help. Jenny now has an irrational fear of Scott. She also predicts that someone is going to kill her and, somehow, it will be her fault. Hendricks speculates that Jenny could be experiencing precognition - direct knowledge of the future. Jenny continues to be haunted by visions of her own death. One night as Scott moves to kiss her, Jenny violently fights him off. Shocked by what she's done, she reports the incident to Hendricks. She also tells him that when she first met Scott, it was as if she'd known him forever.

One night, Scott awakens Jenny from a nightmare in which she sees her body being dumped in an orchard. The surroundings she describes sound eerily familiar to Scott. Hendricks accompanies the couple back out to the farm. As they walk through the fields, Jenny recognizes them as the ones she saw in her nightmare, while Scott knows them as those he played in as a child. Suddenly Jenny senses she's on the spot where her body was dumped. She drops to her knees and urgently digs until she unearths a human skull.

Donner reports that the police have no record of any unsolved murders in the area. The solution to this strange investigation lies in Jenny's visions of her own death, and the skeleton - which turns out to be that of a male, mid-30s.

Suspecting a case of reincarnation, Stone assists Hendricks who hypnotizes Jenny, regressing her to a time before her birth in this lifetime. Jenny now sees herself in a farmyard and tells Stone that her name is George MacPhearson, Scott's long-lost father. Jenny tells George's story of being in the kitchen of the farmhouse, fighting with his wife and threatening to kill her. Suddenly, in the midst of the violence, George screams that he's been attacked and is dying. These alarming events reveal that Jenny must be the reincarnation of Scott's father and that George was killed during his altercation with Laura.

As Jenny starts to remember more, she feels compelled to tell Laura that she is the reincarnation of her dead husband. Laura is horrified as she listens to the story, but finally starts to believe what Jenny is telling her. She lashes out at Jenny, determined to keep the truth from Scott. In self-defense, Jenny fights back and pushes Laura against the counter, then sees her slide down to the floor - blood oozing from a wound on her head.

The OSIR's further investigation of the tape of Jenny's hypnotic state reveals that Laura could not possibly have killed George. Now they must get to the farmhouse before the real murderer kills again.